Short Story: An ice cream kind of day

Five little words. My words for this week are: flat choice spoil week ice cream "Can ice cream spoil?" Cindy asked Maeve, her older, and therefore in her opinion, much wiser roommate. "Another break up, then?" Maeve replied with a raised eye brow. "Sigh. Yup." "Oh darling, I'm sorry." She gave Cindy a hug and … Continue reading Short Story: An ice cream kind of day


This piece is not a work of fiction. It's a true depiction of a scary experience I had when I was 18 years old and traveling around Europe with my friend, Genevieve. All these years later I was finally able to unpack it a bit and realize the impact it has had on me. It's … Continue reading Scared

Short Story: It’s never too late

Short story writing challenge #3 — It's Never Too Late The five words that were randomly generated for me to use are: vehicle, accompany, suit, raw, performance Lainey looked at herself in the obscenely bright mirror one last time and her trembling fingers traced the lines around her eyes with an invisible eraser. Her face looked older, her eyes slightly less … Continue reading Short Story: It’s never too late