Who is Kristi Fuoco?


What do I do?

I’m the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at the Museum of Anthropology at UBC

I’m a writer and aspiring novelist.

A blogger.

A social media nerd.

A communicator.

A saxophone and piano player.

An amateur photographer.

A former TEFL teacher and ethnomusicologist.

A creative type.

A tattoo lover.

What’s my story?

I’m an Italian-Scottish-Irish-American-possibly German Canuck

An island girl – originally from Vancouver Island, but I live in East Vancouver with my husband.

A former expat (Isle of Man, England and Germany).

A stepmom to two seriously smart girls.

What do I do for fun and fitness?

I climb rocks and boulders.

I run.

I cycle.

I do yoga, meditate and hike mountains.

I go to concerts and movies and analyze TV shows and movies with my husband.

I explore and travel.

What are my interests?

I’m a traveler at heart.

An avid reader.

A comedy nerd.

A concerned citizen and feminist.

A film and TV buff.

A nature lover.

I’m passionate about world music, the arts and culture.

An eater and baker of desserts and bread.

Email: kristi.fuoco@gmail.com


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